zapDialApp_Store_Badge_ENzapDial allows fast and easy dialing of phone numbers in your addressbook, just by drawing a gesture on your iPhone. So you avoid browsing through the addressbook, and selecting numbers after a search. Just an easy movement on the touchscreen does the work for you and connects you to the person you want to talk to.

This is how zapDial works:

1) First select a phone number from your addressbook and record a individual gesture for the selected number. Add as many contacts as you want to zapDial.

2) Now just draw the gesture on the touchscreen to dial the desired number.

gesture recognition to dial numbers and send texts
recording function for individual gestures
direct link to the internal addressbook
options for user interface feedback

a short video on youtube shows the workflow:

If you need help please post a message, and/or watch the video on youtube!

15 comments on “zapDial
  1. […] app’s display and get connected. For a phone call or a text message. Check out the page of zapDial or look in the iTunes […]

  2. […] For more information about the app, visit the links above or the zapDial page. […]

  3. Matjaz Grobler says:

    I bought your zapDial, but it is a complete chaos. When I choose A, XY is dialed?! Gestures are very different, not similar at all. Please, you have to fix it. Oh, well, I have iPhone 4, OS 4.1.


  4. wassx says:

    Hi Matjaz,

    First step, please watch the video tutorial posted above.

    How did you record the gestures?
    Keep in mind that a gesture is not a letter like “x, h,… ”
    A gesture consists of a single stroke. For some examples have a look at the help section of the app. There is everything mentioned, how you avoid user errors.
    The recognizer works very well.

    For further questions,… you are welcome :)

    Kind regards

  5. Wonderful Work, i enjoy the app! I discovered your application on itunes and I will be adding it to my directory as soon as I post my next updates. Hopefully you could get a few downloads from it.

  6. wassx says:

    thank you so much for your support!

  7. Johannes Reichart says:

    Servus Stefan!

    Eine Spitzenapp… funktioniert genial
    lg johannes

  8. wassx says:

    Servus Joahnnes!
    Danke fürs Feedback! :)
    Arbeite gerade am nächsten Update, also wenn noch Wünsche bezüglich Änderungen und Verbesserungen offen sind…


  9. zapDial – Kontakte über gezeichnete Symbole anrufen…

    Sucht ihr eine App für euer iPhone um per Symbole Anrufe zu tätigen? Dann könnte zapDial interessant sein. Mit zapDial obliegt es euch jede Art von Symbol zu zeichnen über das Kontakte aus dem Adressbuch angerufen werden…….

  10. Lisa Navrot says:

    I seem to be able to only save eight single movement identification tags to help me dial these people faster. Why is this happening?
    I love this idea for an app and am excited to tell all of my friends about it but this bug popped up. I love this idea because the voice recognition never works properly! This app makes driving and calling someone a whole lot more safe then just dialing, messing around with the stupid voice recognition, (I haven’t tried your voice recognition software yet), or fiddling around with your blue tooth device!
    So in conclusion, please tell me if I’m doing something wrong, or if there is a bug in your program. Thank-you for your time and consideration. My phone number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and again my email address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Feel free to call me if further contact would be helpful!

    Yours Sincerely,
    Lisa Alleen Reich Navrot

  11. wassx says:

    Dear Lisa.
    Thank you for using zapDial! I tried to reproduce the error you mentioned but it doesn’t happen to me. I’m able to put in 8+ contacts and select them via gestures (please read the help section in the app for advices on recorded gestures).
    BUT THANK YOU, I found a strange behaviour of the app, when it comes to the 8th contact. Suddenly you can’t see its number, but still can call it via recorded gesture. Maybe you could confirm this behaviour too? (please with some additional info: which iOS/iPhone) I’m working on this issue and will press forward to a new update which will fix this. Thank you for your feedback!
    Some suggestions I have for you to give a try:
    Please read the help section, yes I know, I mention it again ;)
    Try to delete and re-install the app and re-record your gestures.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have additional questions!


    p.s. i replaced your contact details in your post with “x” to avoid spam attacks.

  12. Petra says:

    Hab da was verbockt …
    War zu schnell unterwegs und hab der App versehentlich den Zugriff auf mein Adressbuch verweigert – jetzt kann ich keine Kontakte mehr hinzufügen. Wie mach ich das wieder rückgängig?
    Thx for help!

  13. wassx says:

    Hallo! In den Einstellungen findest du den Punkt “Datenschutz”. Dort wiederrum findest du den Punkt “Kontakte”. Darin sollte zapDial zu finden sein und auch der Switch um das Adressbuch für die App freizugeben. lg!

  14. Reinhard says:

    when will you update this app for iOS 8?

    Best regards


  15. wassx says:

    Hi Reinhard,

    Due to current shortage of time (building my own house and a 40h job) the update for the iOS8 is delayed BUT IN PROGRESS. I hope to ship the updates in about 3 weeks.
    Sorry for any circumstances.

    Kind regards

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