Green Street Project – Kickoff

After nearly 2 years, I revived an idea of the “Green Street Project” which I described in my master thesis from 2011.

Here’s a brief introduction:

The Green Street Project should motivate drivers for a more economically driving through the awareness of the community’s driving behavior. To reach this goal, the driver will be notified via visual feedback, how people drive on this specific area of the street. Every driver contributes to the “green state” of the street through his/her driving behavior. In the first place, the “Green Street Project” does not target to educate the driver, but to motivate the driver to take action, which is in my opinion the very first step (and most effective) to change behavior.

My first attempt is to create a mobile application, which is connected to the car. Interpreting the car data via ODBII interface, my goal is to calculate an “eco value”, which is the contribution to the community’s behavior on the specific location on the street. So,… this will be a challenging part for the next weeks ;)

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zapDial – paid iPhone/iPad app for free with promo code

Get a promo code for a free full version of zapDial!

zapDial – paid iPhone/iPad app for free with promo code.

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zapDial in e-media

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zapDial 2.0 – Nominated for the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 2010

You know the situation? You just want to quickly call a number from your address book but your attention is dedicated to other activities. How to dial the number in a quick way?
With a search through a long list? With the help of speech recognition? Yes, if the recognition works and doesn‘t confront you with wrong interpretations, then this could be the solution for you. But if you don‘t feel happy on trying various pronounciations of names to make the speech recognition work, what would you do? Browsing again through lists of names, which is too long-winded, too detailed and too time consuming?
No – zapDial is the solution.

With zapDial you find quickly and in an easy way the telephone number of your favorite contact, without searching the lists. On the basis of mapped gestures, which you draw in your own individual style on the display, your contacts will be called by a simple movement on the touchscreen.
Timeconsuming searches and error-prone touches in lists will not bother you anymore.
A vibrating phone informs you when the app is ready, so you don‘t even have to look on the display. Just make a gesture on the display and your iPhone will connect you to the selected contact.

How does zapDial work?

Select a contact from your address book and choose an individual gesture, which will be mapped to the contact‘s telephone number. Keep in mind that a gesture consists of a single stroke.
Setup is finished and you are ready to start. Just start the application and draw the gesture on the touchscreen to call a contact. A switchable feature allows you to choose calling a contact or sending a text.

Basic features:
gesture recognition for quick dialing
record function for individual gestures
direct link to your address book contacts
switchable options for user interface feedback

What’s New in this Version:
search in address book, record audio hints for your contacts, user interface improvements, new layout

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zapDial 1.2 and zapDialLite Update

The new update is now available in the Apple AppStore for zapDial 1.2 and the free version of zapDialLite. The lite version has contact limitations and slight advertisement, but all features of the main application zapDial.

For more information about the app, visit the links above or the zapDial page.

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How to redeem iTunes code in american store without american account

Since I still have some promo codes for my iPhone app “zapDial”, lots of people ask me how to redeem these codes. Here we go:
Logout from your iTunes account and click on the flag for the american store. Copy your promocode and click in iTunes on “Redeem”. In the window “Log in” click “new account” and follow the instructions. (You’ll need a valid address, e.g. online phone book). Choose “None” for pay method and finish the procedure.

BTW: Follow the link for some promo codes of my last app: “zapDial”
Free promocodes

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Get zapDial for free!

There are still some promo codes left for my iPhone application zapDial! You’ll find promo codes at Promo Dispenser.
If you’re not an american citizien read their FAQ’s please which explains how to redeem promo codes in the american store.

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