GreenЯ – Economic Car Driving

Icon Greenr v1.0After nearly 2 years, I revived an idea of the “Green Street Project” which I described in my master thesis from 2011.

Here’s a brief introduction:

The Green Street Project should motivate drivers for a more economically driving through the awareness of the community’s driving behavior. To reach this goal, the driver will be notified via visual feedback, how people drive on this specific area of the street. Every driver contributes to the “green state” of the street through his/her driving behavior. In the first place, the “Green Street Project” does not target to educate the driver, but to motivate the driver to take action, which is in my opinion the very first step (and most effective) to change behavior.

My first attempt is to create a mobile application, which is connected to the car. Interpreting the car data via ODBII interface, my goal is to calculate an “eco value”, which is the contribution to the community’s behavior on the specific location on the street. So,… this will be a challenging part for the next weeks ;)

Some helpful links on OBDII:

List of scanned cars


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