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Fieldtest GPS Jitter

Tracks aggregation

Track Aggregation

….seriously. Just testing, what happens if the accuracy of the GPS is not that good. And how it would be, if hundreds even thousands of tracks with different accuracies should be recognized as located on the current street. Well, it was quite a task, to find an algorithm which recognizes all current tracks, for every direction around the driver (think of crossroads). I’m proud to present this progress, because it is one of the critical points of this project. Now I’m able to process tracks from a remote database, to visualize their economic impact on the current street. The amount of tracks doesn’t matter any longer for the visualization, which shows an aggregated track of all tracks and their economic value.

Next steps:

  • Calculate the current difference between the driver’s and the community’s driving behavior
  • GUI
  • Visual Design
  • Car Data Calculation Improvements
  • Stability Improvements

Here’s a small preview:

GreenЯ Icon

GreenЯ Icon

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