Self built audio compressor

Drip opto V3
This is a Universal Audio LA-2A clone, which PCB was designed by drip electronics for DIY purposes. It takes about 1 day to assemble all components, but which are sometimes really tricky to get. So it took about 1 week to get all parts until finishing “bugfixing”. I tried it now on vocals and acoustic guitars and it sounds GREAT. Can’t wait for the next mix…. but before I have to do some “clean-up” inside the case.

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5 comments on “Self built audio compressor
  1. AT says:

    beautiful work. looking to start in on one myself. did you use the 3RU case he recommends? any advice regarding the front panel?

  2. wassx says:

    Thank you!
    I think drip recommends a case “in-one-piece”. My case is made of 6 parts (each side) and is not the highest quality. But I have nearly no noise in the soundpath and the compressor stays in the studio, so I have no need for a better case.
    I bought this case from the admin of or have a look at: there you’ll find lots of other amazing projects, and help on parts.

  3. ILya says:

    Hi mate.

    Seems like I need special sized parts to fit this PCB?
    Where to get parts?

  4. wassx says:

    Hi ILya.

    There is a detailed list for the parts in the manual which you get from drip’s website (including order codes for mouser).
    For more info the best way is to go to
    There you find lots of stuff for troubleshooting and various questions regarding this project. Just search the forum for Drip LA-2A


  5. Slaw says:

    Nice work! Once I made my own clone LA2A. Have a look at: Greetings!

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