Locative Drama “Scratch”

Bild 2During my internship at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts at the Middlesex university London I’m developing a locative drama, which enables the listener to interact with the story.

Situation: The user plugs in his earphones in his iPhone (the essential thing because on this runs the Scratch application) and moves trough open space. When the user enters a region of certain coordinates an audio scene will be triggered. So the user can walk through scenes, go back to hear a scene again or to hear a new scene at an already visited place (depends on the story). One big challenge is, to make the boundaries and transitions as smooth as possible to avoid “jumps” and make them not hearable. The other…. Learning Objective C and to get into the iPhone SDK.

Et voila! Here’s a sceenshot of the mainscreen. The app is running fine (testing, testing, testing) but needs some little refinement.

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