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It’s just a box

Yesterday I bought for 15 pounds an old Kodak Brownie ( I guess it’s a No.2), and the good thing about it… It works! So I tried the first shoots on a Rollei Retro 400 120 rollfilm with a 6x9cm

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Blogging blogging blogging….

The progress of my work at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts will be blogged in an external blog. I was asked to describe my work, so you’ll find a daily report of my contribution to the locative media project,

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Internship at Middlesex University

Today was my first day at the Center for Electronic Arts. I’ll write my experience on another blog, with some of my collegues. Check it out here You’ll find the link also in my Blogroll

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KontrollWerk Presentation Video

Here’s the last video of the presentation. Shows various functions like the gesture recognition, blob menu, layouting etc…

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Internship in London

Just arrived in London to do my internship at Middlesex University. After a tough journey (took every cam and videocam with me, so guess the weight of my baggage) I finally got to my new bed for the next 3

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