KontrollWerk finished!

Yeah, we did it. The controller is running fine and it’s great fun to play with it. We (Stefan Wasserbauer, David Lindlbauer, Alexandra Ion) will publish the code as open source soon, so people can work on it too.
In the meantime you can check out my term paper(sry, only german) I’ve written about this project.

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3 comments on “KontrollWerk finished!
  1. Giuseppe says:

    That’s amazing!! I saw the video on youtube, your work is great, believe me… I really would like to try this masterpiece by connecting it with Ableton Live. If I can do some betatesting please let me know

    asterisk [dot] pbx [at] libero [dot] it

  2. JEJ says:

    Giuseppe is so right!
    I was loocking all over the www to find a good multitouch midi controller and i really think your work is the best solution.
    I would like to know if there is a way to try your controller.

    Thanks a lot for your answer

  3. wassx says:

    Thank you guys!
    It’s a little bit tricky for a tryout. We ran the application on a FLUX from http://mi-lab.org/projects/flux/ as input device. Basically you can use every device which supports the touchlib from the nuigroup http://www.nuigroup.com/touchlib/
    KontrollWerk is only a prototype at the moment, so there are still some things to do until it can be used for everyday performances. It was meant to be a students project for a semester, so there’s a lack of time at the moment, but I’ll keep my blog up-to-date with the progress on the controller. :)

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